Reason №1: It’s a happy birthday

On December 12, 2019, my ex-partner and I formally ended our relationship. In reality, the relationship ended in February 2016, a few months after it began. It was a relationship founded on infidelity, deceit, fraud, stalking, and manipulation. The end of it was better than the beginning.

Even though there was no need to, I took him to court to get incontrovertible evidence that it was a dead relationship. It allowed me to finally speak out on the horrors that I suffered and endured because I wanted to have a long relationship like my parents did. To be fair to my parents and friends, I didn’t need to keep an appearance for them. They have always been supportive.

At 33, I broke away from the foolishness, became more aware, and loved myself more. As the years trickled in, my life strengthened. With the pandemic, I valued life more.

At 35, I still held on to the principle of being kind to those who wronged us, believing that kindness will show them the way and purity of actions. I started sleeping longer, breathing easier, and becoming more confident. I began to push back at attempts of manipulation, gaslighting, and twisting of facts.

At 36, I am confident that you must nip foolishness in the bud and while you are kind to those who wronged you, never let them think they can get away with fraud and crime. Now I fall asleep while reading, and my blood pressure is at ease.

Happy birthday to me!

A window sill with multicoloured polka-dot balloons floating up
Photo by Sofiya Levchenko on Unsplash



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