Igbo people believe that there is something in a name. You name carries you into your destiny with your chi forging a path for you. Mine is a pronunciation of destiny. I’ve found it hard to outrun my chi.

Ụkwa ruo oge ya ọdaa. Mgbe chi kwere, ihe niile ga emezu.

My name is such an irony to the amount of panic and anxiety I carry with me yet every time, my chi stands up for me. My name is a prophecy that fulfills itself in my life. I’ve always experienced what the Pentecostals call the ‘last minute miracles’ all the time. The time is always right but never at my pace. It’s almost like my chi, watches me silently fretting over things on purpose.

Stories are often told of the people who tried to run faster than their chi and yet end up slowing down. I’m always speeding. Perhaps the charm for me will be in studying the concept of our personhood, divinity or a lack of it and culture. Something that brings me to a place of calmness and knowledge.

Today, my chi stood for me and I of course, applauded with gratitude.



Intelligentsia and aspiring trophy babe

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