5 Rules for Visiting a New Parent

Do not visit new parents, especially mothers, if you do not intend to help them out. I mean it, stay home if your visit is more inconvenient than ease. Your staying at home is an act of kindness. Do not come.

The life of a new mum, especially a first-timer who wistfully thinks the end of the nine months brings ease. No, it does not. It brings sleepless nights and tiring days. This is not about the baby, Nah. This is a conversation about ease. The essence of 'visiting the baby' is to take a perhaps wailing baby away from a new parent so they can get some rest while visitors (who have sense) can look after the child and help tidy up.

If you intend to go to that new parent's home, sit and expect to be waited on, please go back to your house even if you are a relative, especially if you are their relative. A sensible and culturally sensitive relative brings ease.

So what should be proper visiting etiquette when seeing a new parent? Let me help you;

  1. Take food or food items depending on how close you are. Spicy meals, hot soups, some ice cream, some pastry etc. Something that says 'relax'.
  2. Please wear comfortable clothes that you will not mind it getting messy. Don't complain that your clothes are ruined and make someone feel bad for having a baby.
  3. If you are a relative and you are too old or sick, send them gifts and your best wishes and stay in your own home except you naturally live with the new parent. Don't make a new mother start caring for you. Don't be that asshole please.
  4. Ask if you can help do anything in the house or mind the baby while they nap.
  5. Find the way to the fridge if you are very close, or look at №1 and bring refreshments.



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Nana Nwachukwu

Nana Nwachukwu

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